Guess which conversation will go awry!

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Read more about our paper, Conversations gone awry: Detecting early signs of conversational failure.
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Warm-up Question

Here are some examples of movie quotes. Please read them carefully now.
How many of these quotes seem familiar to you? (Enter a number from 0 to 4, inclusive.)  

Instructions: Guess which conversation will go awry!

In this task, you will be shown 15 pairs of conversations. For each conversation, you will only get to see the first two comments in the conversation. Your job is to guess, based on these conversation starters, which conversation is more likely to eventually lead to a personal attack from one of the two initial users.

After answering each question you will get instant feedback on whether your answer was correct (indicated with green) or incorrect (indicated with red).

More details

In making your guess, you should use the following definition of a personal attack as reference:

A personal attack is a comment that is rude, insulting, or disrespectful towards a person/group or towards that person/group's actions and/or work.

Keep in mind that you are not looking for personal attacks in the comments that are shown. Rather, you should be using your intuition of social dynamics to decide which exchange is more likely to lead one of the participants to eventually post a personal attack (which you are not shown).

At times, it might seem like neither quote is likely to lead to an attack, or that both seem equally likely. However, please keep in mind that the source conversations have already been annotated by humans, and one is indeed leads to a personal attack. Do your best to 'recover' those existing labels!

This is not an easy task, and it might take a couple of minutes to answer each question. As this is a difficult task, the first three questions are "warm-up" questions that will not affect your score; they are there to help you "calibrate" your sense of what factors are likely to signal future attacks. But remember, your task is to recover as many labels as you can.

Due to the nature of the task, some of these comments might contain offensive content. We are sorry about that.


Do you recall any number of the quotes below from the warm-up question (from the yellow page)?
I remember the 1st quote.
I remember the 2nd quote.
I remember the 3rd quote.
I remember the 4th quote.

Now that you've completed these questions, what factors do you think might signal future personal attacks?

If you found any questions that were confusing, please note it down here.

Thanks for participating!

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This web quiz was adapted from code originally written by Justin Cheng.